Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Bit About How I've Been

Hello everyone :)
Well, I just thought about sharing some stuff I did this year, as I've been pretty busy :p
First of all, I'm studying fashion design, yay! I'll probably make an special post about this later, but basically I absolutely adore my classes and what we do. I mean, I'm doing what I love *-*
Secondly, I've got the cutest boyfriend ever after so many heartbreaks and stuff. I'll try to get him to write a post here, or maybe do a "My BF does my make-up" video, but I can't promise anything :p
Thirdly, I've become an addicted gamer (Hi my name is Milla and I'm addicted! - Hi Millaaaaaaaaaa). I've discovered this is cool even though most girls don't play games...

Okay, maybe I haven't been soooo busy. Just kind of. Anyway.
Well bye, I've forgotten how to write decent blog posts so that's it.
Xoxo :*

I'm Baaaack :p

Hello everyone!
It's been like, a year without posting anything... Or maybe more :o
I had totally given up this blog. It was too pink, too boring, too unpopular. But then, everytime I check my email there are like new comments, lots of pageviews and stuff, so I'm back.
I'll be posting like twice a week I guess and hope you guys enjoy having me back :)
Plus, first thing I'll change it's this pink theme haha :)
Xoxo :*

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tips: How To Get a Shy Guy to Ask You Out!

Hey sweeties!
I know I had posted about this before, but I saw this is the most visited post ever here on the blog. So... I'm kind of reposting, but with some more tips & advice on how to get your cutie shy honey boo (:

*1st and most important thing!* Don't ever be all talkative and outgoing near him, or make jokes about him when he is near. If he's shy, and you make a joke about him, obviously he will get even more shy. Try just some small talk about school or something you know he likes, but please, PUH-LEEEEASE listen to what he says and don't spend the whole time talking about yourself. Unless you want to scare him! And don't ask personal stuff. Shy people don't like to talk about that kind of thing (at least, most of the time!)

*2nd thing but not less important: Trying to get a guy through his stomach? Nope, that's silly. You get a guy through MUSIC. Yep, music. Find out a way to discover what kind of music he likes. You can check his likes on facebook, see what's on his iPod (be careful with this one, sometimes he might not want to share it! Its and iPod, not an usPod hahaha) or just ask his friends (be careful with this one too, you never know what his friends are gonna tell him!). After you discovered what he likes, you can learn about his fav band and talk about it with him. ***BUT*** let's say he loves that screamo kind of rock and you're a directioner. You might want to pretend you like his music and actually your taste is like, totally different. Well, you can. But someday he'll find out you were a big liar and seriously, that ain't good! So, no pretending. Just talk about his bands but when he asks what you like, be honest and tell him the truth. PLEASE TRY NOT TO BE ALL FANGIRLING AROUND HIM! This scares guys :)

*3rd thing: FACEBOOK! Have you ever noticed that when on facebook the talk never ends but when you're in front of the person you are like 'uh... look, the sun. Oh, no it's raining...' So. Add him maybe? Chat on facebook or even texting him is cool, he might feel a lot more comfy to talk to you ^-^

*4th thing: If the guy is clueless, he obviously won't ask you out. Let him know you're interested without actually saying anything. A shy smile when he looks at you, looking in his eyes for a second more than needed (I mean a second! Please don't stare at him all the time like a creeper!) Or you can just use my super-ultra-mega-hiper perfect idea. It might work only at school, but wait there's another one (: Sooo, he is near you. If he isn't, you get near him and drop a pencil or whatever. When he is going to get it, go at the same time BUT LET HIM GET THE FUCKING PENCIL! Then look in his eyes while he gives you the pencil, smile and say a very cutie 'thank you' (: Don't forget to touch his hand when he gives it to you! He definitely will get the clue! If you aren't at school, you can walk around in high heels near him with a cup of whatever in your hand, then oh-how-sad you make it looks as if he made you drop it all over your cute dress or maybe fall on the floor (remember the high heels!). But be careful with this one cause he might get super-embarassed...

*5th thing: BE PATIENT. It takes some time to get a shy guy :3

I hope this helps you girls, maybe you guys too (yep, these tips can work for girls too!) and if you need anything, just ask me! You can go to the page up there ^^ 'ask Gossip Caah', send me an email ( or just leave a comment here (: Or maybe add me on fb, instagram... whatever you want, but just ask if you have any doubts :3
Xoxo, Gossip Caah :*

Need For A Change?

Hey sweet readers :3
I know, I know. My blog's been so boring and I'v been such a long long time without posting. So, who's up for a change? Comment what you'd like me to do here, I'd love to hear from you (:
Xoxo, Gossip Caah :*

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nail Polisher Giveaway - Winner!

Hey guys!
I know I had said you could vote until June 10th. But there are already so many comments, so let's give it away now! I closed my eyes and put my finger in one comment and... the winner is... BAILEY HILLS!
Bailey, please send me your address so that I can send your amazing nail polisher :)
PS: paint your nails and show me!!
*New giveaway tomorrow! Come back & comment!
Xoxo, Gossip Caah :*

How To Break Your iPhone

Hey everyone!
Guys. I'm so mad. I want to kill that phone!
It just won't work. Just like that. And I want to check my instagram. I want to do many things. I need it. But it won't work.
I know, this is just babble. Still, I need to share with you how much I hate that stupid thing. Grrrrrrr :/
Comment if you hate yours too :)
Xoxo, Gossip Caah :*

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Giveaway - Today Was A Fairytale

Hey everyone!
Want to win Deborah Lippman's Today Was a Fairytale nailpolisher, with diamond dust?

Leave a comment here on this post until June 10th. I will close my eyes and pick one. You can comment as many times as you want :)
Good luck!
Xoxo, Gossip Caah :*